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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Palani Smt. Deivakunjaram, Nadasvaram Concert, Music Club IIT Madras

Palani Smt. B. Deivakunjaram - Nadasvaram
Trichy Sri Sankar - Nadasvaram Support
Gudiyatham Sri Annamalai - Thavil
Gudiyatham Sri Srinivasan - Thavil

Music Club IIT Madras
28th March 2007 6:45 pm

gajAnanayutam - vEgavAhini - Adi - MD (short sketch)
parama pAvana - ranjani - Adi - Meesu Krishna Iyer (short sketch)
vAncatOnu - karnaranjani - rUpakam - HMB (R)
bhajana sEya rAdA - dharmavati - rUpakam - MV (RS)
sadAnanda tANDavam - bahudAri - Adi - Achutta Dasa (R)
sentil ANDavan - kharaharapriyA - rUpakam (R)
cEsinadella maracitivO - tODi - Adi - T (RS)
tani Avarththanam
enna kavi pADinAlum - sivaranjani - Adi - Anayampatti Adisesha Iyer (short sketch)
gOvindA ninna - janasammOdini - Adi - PD
enna tavam - kApi - Adi - PS (short sketch)
kurai onRum illai - rAgamAlikA - Adi - Rajaji
tuLLumada vETkai - hamsAnandi - Adi - Thiruppugazh
madhyamAvati short sketch

Smt Deivakunjaram comes from the family of Mridangam Maestro Palani Subramaniya Pillai and is one of the Palani Sisters. Her concert for the Music Club IIT Madras, was very good and filled with classicm It was another classical example of hidden talent in unknown pockets of the world. She had chosen quite a few rAgams closely associated with each other, and yet pulled it off with a hitch.

The concent began with a nice short sketch of vEgavAhini and the kriti was rendered well. The short sketch of ranjani and the piece were very enjoyable. The first AlApanai of the concert, karnaranjani was very enjoyable and the kriti was rendered well.

The dharamavati AlApanai was a surprise, for it was just a few minutes after a ranjani piece. However the AlApanai was done in a very elaborate fashion showing quite a few nice sancarams. The kriti was rendered beautifully with a round of svarams to follow. The bahudAri piece was good also.

The AlApanai of kharaharapriyA was very elaborate again. It was very indicative of being the main piece of the evening. The kriti was rendered with a lot of bhavam. However Smt Deivakunjaram chose to not play svarams and started off with an elaborate AlApanai of tODi. She had played quite a few very intricate and enjoyable sancarams and made it very interesting. The kriti couldnt get better. cEsinadElla on nAdasvaram, immortalised by TNR, was tooo good to hear. The svarams which followed were also very elaborate and had quite a bit of intricate kaNakku and a nice kOrvai. The next half an hour, was an illuminating tani. It was one of the best tanis one has heard. The patterns they exchanged very very nice and the korappu started from 4 Avartanams and the final kOrvai was pretty long as well.

All the post tani pieces were rendered very nicely. The maguDi left a lot of us keep a watch on the windows.

To sum up, it was a very enjoyable concert and it gives more reason to believe that the real talent in music actually lies untouched and not even found, let alone, getting recognised.

Will there be a day when such deserving artists make a name for themselves? or is it probably better for them to stay unnoticed and hence uncorrupted?

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