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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Rama Ravi, Nada Inbam - DKP day

Rama Ravi - Vocal
Nanditha Ravi - Vocal support
R K Shriram Kumar - Fiddle
K Arun Prakash - Mrudangam

Oct 28th 2018. 6:15 pm

DK Pattammal remembrance concert
Nada Inbam. Raga Sudha Hall

sAmi ninnE - srI – Adi (varNam)
vAraNa mukhavA - hamsadwani - rUpakam - KI
mApAla velasi - asAvEri - Adi - T (S)
ekkAlattilum maravEnE - nAtakuranji - Adi - Ramaswamy Sivan (rAgam sketch)
mInalOchana brOva - danyAsi - chApu - SS (RS)
appa rAma bhakti - pantuvarALi - rUpakam - T (RNS)
kOrivaccitinayya - bilahari -  T
saundararAjam AshrayE - brundAvana sArangA - tisra Ekam - MD
raksha bettarE - bhairavai - Adi - T (RST)
kOpam eTula rAgayuNDunurA - kEdAragauLa - rUpakam
eppaDi pADinarO - karnATaka dEva gAndhari - Adi
kANAmal vINilE - nIlAmbari - Adi
tillAnA - khamAs - Adi - PSI
niraimadi mugamenum - pUrvikalyANi - Arunagirinathar (thiruppugazh)
nI nAma rUpamulaku - saurAshTram - Adi – T

A tribute that couldn’t get any better
Sangeetham is an experience. Music is only a part of this. Though the chaste music and its rendering are of utmost importance and an integral part of the exercise to achieve this experience, it is still incomplete without finesse. It is important that the artists communicate with each other and with the audience who come to seek an experience. The artists’ diction and conviction will drive this experience to its best. What is mentioned below is a poor man’s account of one such experience.
Smt. Rama Ravi remembered one of her gurus Sangeetha Kalanidhi Smt. D K Pattammal, under the auspices of Nada Inbam on 28th Oct 2018. Smt. Rama began with a few words about her relationship with Smt. Pattammal and mentioned that she was presenting pieces which have a strong connection with her.
The ever auspicious srI rAgam, wherever included in a concert, usually increases the pep. When sang at the start of a concert, it means a lot. A brisk varNam in srI ragam was at its best. Invoking Ganesha’s blessings and asking him to come along as a companion, the hamsadwani number was presented neatly with a sparkling cittai svaram. This writer has always found the Pattammal – asAvEri combination very interesting. Smt. Pattammal’s handling of uruppaDis in this rAgam is usually wonderful. Smt. Rama presented mApAla velasi in a very apt pace and rounded with a round of svarams. The patterns and twists and turns presented were just too good.
Smt. Rama recollected learning the nAtakuranji number ekkalattilum maravEnE, when Sri. T Sankaran gave it to Smt. Pattammal at Tamil Isai Sangam. Smt. Rama also remembered how Smt. Pattammal insisted on singing every sangati twice correctly and mentioned that Smt. Pattammal strongly believed that the practice of sangatis is what leads to perfection, which cannot come from any books or notes. The short AlApanai was only a trailer. The kriti was rendered in a sedate pace. Next up was an elaborate danyAsi, woven phrase-after-phrase showing the nuances and intricases of the rAgam and the kriti was rendered beautifully. There were swarams in both speeds leading up to the anupallavi line ‘gAna vinodini’.
A racy pantuvarALi was next. It was developed and presented in a very neat manner. The kriti was rendered with neraval and svarams at the line ‘lakshmi dEvi valachuna’. It was an elaborate affair showing the details of the rAgam and the composition. A rare bilahari number was rendered next. It’s a song this writer had not even heard off earlier.
A meditative saundararAjam was next. The monagal of brudAvana sArangA just before Smt. Rama started the song was making the audience yearn for more. The main course of the evening was bhairavi. A favorite of this writer. It was just too good and touched many deep feelings on its way. The kriti was rendered with a round of svarams.
Smt. Rama’s music is always special. It always has the right measure of everything. Her presentation of the nuances and the way each gamakka comes out of her throat is something that leaves one astonishing. What a perfection! Her choice of pieces and line-up for a concert is always interesting. She makes it a point to cover as many composers and tALams. She does take up related rAgams at times, but pulls them off with much ease. It was very soothing to hear her sing. Smt. Nanditha provided vocal support to her mother and guru, during the songs. It was as if one person was singing. Such was the merger. And if someone said harmonies are only possible in Western Music, listening to a pair of singers from the Brinda school, singing the same line in different octaves and the practice of alternating the dAtu and mAtu while singing svara sAhitya parts of kritis, will make them think otherwise. This was easily felt when Smt. Nanditha moved to a different octave than her mother and provided much needed support.
Sri R K Shriram Kumar is himself a disciple of Smt. DK Pattammal and her brother Sri DK Jayaraman. His playing on the occasion was as appropriate as it could get. His way of accompaniment usually suits any traditional singer. Hence, it was match made in heaven, for the evening. His handling of rAgams and svarams and accompanying the kritis made it much more exciting. Be it single Avartana svarams or the long passages or the korappu part, it was all done in such a beautiful manner. Sri K Arunprakash was the perfect match in the percussion department, for this team. His playing-for-the-kriti approach is always good. He was too good in embellishing this experience and even the tani Avathanam was in tune with the mood created by the song taken up as the main item.
The portrait of Smt. Pattammal that was placed was speaking many things too. Smt. Pattammal clad in a trademark kattam-potta-podavai, a measured smile. She was looking at the artists on stage and the audience making sure everything was going on the way she wished.
The concluding part of the concert had a kEdaragauLa jAvaLi to start with, followed by the ever famous eppo varuvArO. Neelambari added to the emotive mode. khamAs tillAnA and tiruppugazh lead to the curtains.
Some of the characteristics of Smt. Pattammal’s music are the bhavam and azhutham in music. The nirnayam in singing and the laya strongness. All these are naturally present in Smt. Rama’s music. In a positive linear combination with the gamakka nuances and finesse aspects from the Brinda school, it is indeed a rather wonderful combination that has happened to music.
It will be difficult to find different adjectives for each aspect and each kriti of such a concert. It was an experience difficult to express in words. It was sangeetham at its best. Arguably the best tribute to Smt. Pattammal, by a disciple of hers.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Gayathri Venkataraghavan, Sri Rama Samaj

What was once an everyday affair has now become a rare occasion. Well, not exactly everyday, but, certainly it was close to every other. With changes in life, priorities and other things that aren't really bendable, what was bread and butter once upon a time not so long ago, has become a planned event.
Of late, one starts feeling the gap rather vigorously between two live concerts one gets to attend. Hence, choosing the right one matters. When one could go everyday, all that mattered was availability of an event. One could go and sit through any concert. The word any in it's true sense. However with time and opportunity vastly diminished, availability of a concert performed by a preferred artist or a preferred school of music becomes important. So does the ease to travel. What adds to this, is age, which does start to show up in the mid thirties these days, and refinement of taste, or the lack of it.
With a will to use a rarely free Sunday evening to attend a concert, The Hindu couldn't have been more helpful to show that Gayathri Venkataraghavan was performing at ayodhya mandapam, with MR Gopinath, Neyveli Skandasubramanian and AS Krishnan. The concert was organized by Sri Rama samaj as part of their summer music festival.
As one was loitering around Murthy street to find a free slot to dump one's two wheeler, one could make out a slokam in Arabhi, and as one walked in and found a place to settle down, sAdinchanE had begun and the rendition was clear and appealing.
The next kriti mAkElarA vichAramu was rendered with the usual vigour. A very well structured round of kalpanai swarams followed. While Gayathri was very good in the swarams section, Gopinath was indeed a shade better. And the percussion department did well to appropriately boost a fast paced kriti. It was so absorbing a rendition that one could not help murmuring a few sanchArams of ravichandrikA.
Next was an elaboration of latAngi, with marivere dikkevvarO. Neraval and swarams at daralOna nI sATi, were elaborate and done very well by the entire team.
As one was expecting something in slow tempo, gnAna sabaiyil tillai in sArangA was next. It was rendered well.  Two closely related prati madhyama rAgas, two varieties of cApu tALam. What was the artist's reason to plan something like that! A quick sObillu saptaswara with sparkling percussion support from mrudangam and morsing was next in line.
As the stage was set, kharaharapriyA was taken up as the main rAgam of the evening. With phrases fast and slow coming one after another and spread across the octaves, and some kArvais and uruTTals added in good measure, it was a good AlApanai by Gayathri. Gopinath was more precise and crisp, and yet gave a fitting reply. Chakkani rAjamArgamu was the kriti. It was handled with much elegance.
Looking back, one would not have sat through such a concert, as both ragams taken up for elaboration, were not of one's preference. That would have been during days when one was regular to concerts. Back in present, one did sit through and appreciated the music that was presented.
It felt very good to sit and enjoy the concert after a longtime. The goodness of a live concert is never explainable in words. It has to be experienced to understand the feel. The experience of sitting through a concert in a non-air-conditioned hall with a slight breeze to flow across, a temple in the backdrop, and good music. It is not easy to explain. One did feel good and hope to make such sojourns rather frequent.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rama Ravi, DKJ Foundation & Nada Inbam

Rama Ravi & Nandita Ravi - RK Shriram Kumar - J Vaidhyanathan

19th July 2014, Raga Sudha Hall
DKJ Foundation & Nada Inbam

intha mODi - sArangA varNam
muddumOmu - sUryakAntam
mApAla velasi - asAvEri (S)
nenaruncharA - simha vAhini (S)
mInalchana brOva - danyAsi (RNS)
srI ranganAtam - pUrNa candrikA
murugA muzhumadi - sAvEri
srI lalitE - bhairavi
svara rAga sudhA - shankarAbaraNam (RNST)
nAri maNi - khamAs
samayamidhE rA rA - bEhAg
arumarundhoru - mOhanam
kuvalayAkshirO - gauLipantu
mAyalADi - suruTTi
karpagamE kaN pArAi - madhyamAvati
nI nAma rUpamulaku

A really nice concert one got to listen, after a long time. thoroughly enjoyed it.

video available here.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

V Sumithra, Musiri Chambers

V Sumithra - Anayampatti Venkatasubramanian - Mannarikoil J Balaji

Musiri Chambers
19 May 2013

slOkam on guru
sAmi - kharaharapriya [varNam]
vandhisidhavarE dhanyaru - rEvagupti - Adi - PD (R)
siddhIsvarAya namastE - nIlAmbari - misra cApu - MD (RS)
sambhO mahAdEva - kAmavardhani (NS)
pArvati ninnunE - kalgaDa
kaNDEn kaNDEn - vasantA - AK
srI kamalAmbhikAyAh param nahi rE (RNST)
iti nIku mariyAda - bEgaDa - misra cApu
jAnAti rama - slOkam in shanmukha priyA, sahAnA, kIravANi, kAmbhOji, sindhu bhairavi
bhajarE srI rAmam - sindhu bhairavi
gathita samayE - Ahiri - JayadEva
nI nAma rUpamulaku

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Alleppey Venkatesan, Samajam

Alleppey Venkatesan - Mullaivasal Chandramouli - Trichur Narendran - Sri Sundar Kumar

Sri Thyagaraja Sangeetha Vidwat Samajam
Shyama Sastri Day

dayAnidE - bEgada
pAhimAm srI rAjarAjEsvari - nATTai
bangAru kAmAkshi - sAvEri - kaNDa maTyam - Vidya Sankar (composition on SS)
kAmAkshI parayugamu - yadukula kAmbhOji (R)
rAvE parvatarAjakumAri - kalyANi (S)
karuNajUDa - srI (R)
trilOka mAtA - paras
kAmAkshi - varALi - misra cApu (RNST) (neraval at visAlAkshi taruNi)
ennEramum - punnAgavarALi
kAmAkshi lOkasAkshi - madhyamAvati

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Thamarakkadu Govindan Namboodri, Nada Inbam

Thamarakkadu Govindan Namboodri - S Varadarajan - Trichur Narendran

Nada Inbam
28 April 2013

suruTTi varNam
sankara suta - gauLa
kamalAmbA samrakshatumAm - Ananda bhairavi (RS)
gOpanandana - bhUshAvati
nAdOpAsana - bEgaDa (R)
bhOgIndra sAyinam
RTP - tODi - kaNDa tripuTa 2 kaLai, sama eDuppu, 5 akshara aridi
gAnalOla mAranIya pAparahita - kamalEsa mAm pAhi

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Kalyani Ganesan, Nada Inbam

Kalyani Ganesan - VM Ganesan

Nada Inbam
20 April 2013

sAmi ninnE - srI [varNam]
siddhi vinAyakam - cAmaram (sketch, S)
durusuga krupajUchi
Ananda naTana prakAsam (R)
sObillu saptasvara
bhajana sEya - dharmavati (RS)
akshaya linga vibhO (RtNST)
ranjani mrudu pankaja lOchani - rAgamAlikA
karpagamE - madhyamAvat

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T N Krishan, Nada Inbam

T N Krishnan - Guruvayur Dorai - BS Purushottaman

Nada Inbam
19 April 2013

rAma ninnE - husEni (s)
enduku nirdaya (RNS)
bhAvayAmi raghurAmam (R sAvEri)
kOluvamAra gadA (RNST)

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Suguna Purushottaman, Nada Inbam

Suguna Purushottaman - R Hemalatha - J Vaidhyanathan - BS Purushottaman

Nada Inbam
16 April 2013

sarasuDa ninnE - sAvEri
sarasIruhAsana priyE - nATTai (S)
intha parAkA
mOkshamu galadA (RS)
kaNDEn kaNDEn - aTANA - Adi - Suguna Purushottaman (sketch)
nammi vachina - kalyANi (RNS)
vihara mAnasa rAmE - kApi (sketch)
durusuga krupajUchi - sAvEri (RNST)
manju nihar

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Sumithra V, Nada Inbam

V Sumithra - Charumathi Raghuraman - Melakaveri Balaji - Papanasam Sethuraman

Nada Inbam
13 April 2013

ninnE kOri - mOhanam [varNam, though not the usual one]
mAmava satatam - jaganmOhini (R)
kAmAkshi - yadukula kAmbhOji - misra cApu - SS (RS)
sarasvatya bhagavatya - chAyA gauLa - misra cApu - MD (S)
satatam tAvaka (RNST)

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Rudrapatnam Brothers, Saraswathi Vaggeyakkara Trust

Rudrapatnam Brothers - V V Ravi - Neyveli Skandasubramanian - Swaminathan

Saraswathi Vaggeyakkara Trust, NGS mini hall
24 Mar 2013. 6:45 pm

panchamAtanga - malahari - rUpakam - MD (sketch, S)
kAmAkshmi anudinamu - bhairavi - misra cApu - SS
vENugAna lOluni - kEdAragauLa - rUpakam - T (RNS)
rAma kathA sudhA - madhyamAvati - Adi - T (RNST)
dEvi brova - cintAmaNi - Adi - SS
nArAyaNa hari - yamuna kalyANi - T
srI kamalAmbikE - srI - kaNDa Eka - MD
nI nAma rupamulaku - saurAshTram - Adi - T

Absolutely solid classical music with no frills. A very enjoyable concert with the main artists being totally mesmerising and left the audience spell bound. The accompanists could have gelled better though.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trivandrum G Seethalakshmi, Nada Inbam

Trivandrum G Seethalakshmi - R Hemalatha - J Vaidhyanathan - Anirudh Athreya

Nada Inbam
22 March 2013 6:15pm

bhaja mAnasa - bahudAri - Adi - Tulasi Vanam (sketch,S)
srI rAghavEndra - vasantA - Adi - Jagannatha Vittala (R)
sAmOdam cintayAmi - suddha danyAsi - misra cApu - ST (RNS)
sivakAma sundari - mukhAri - Adi - PS
kAmAkshI bangAru - varALi - misra cApu - SS (RNS)
OrAru muganE - rItigauLa - Neelakanta Sivan
ardhanArIsvaram - kumudakriyA - MD
gajavadanA sammOdita - tODi - Adi - Kumara Ettendra (RNST)
srI rAghavam - slOkam in bilahari, shanmukha priyA, sahAnA, sAvEri, behAg
varuvAi endRum - behAg - Adi - Ambujam Krishna
udhO suniyE - pUrvi - ST [bhajan]
tillAnA - hamsAnandi - Adi - HMB
alasara paritApam - suruTTi - misra cApu - ST
bhujaga sAyinO - yadukula kAmbhOji - rUpakam - ST
mangalam kOsalEndrAya and svasti prajApya - madhyamAvati

It was a very enjoyable concert. From the word go, it was classical music at its best. With every ragam and every kriti it was only getting better. The choice of pieces and rAgams was really interesting. And the ideas that were presented were really awesome. What to mention and what to not, one is in a fix!

The AlApanais of vasantA and suddha danyAsi, the neraval in varALi, the slOkam, especially the sAvEri.. gosh.. i could go on and on writing..

The team was just awesome. Prisitine Semmangudi sangeetham at its best! A treat it was...

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Viji Krishnan, Nada Inbam

Viji Krishnan - Manoj Siva - N Guruprasad

Nada Inbam
15 Feb 2013
SVK Memorial Concert

The concert started a little late with a varNam. It was followed with an elaborate hamsadvani, vAtApi was presented with svarams. pantuvarALi was elaborated with raghuvara nannu to follow. There were neraval and swarams. A quick durmArga carAdhamulanu. The main was an RTP in shanmukhapriyA. The concert ended with a couple of tukkadas.  A sincere presentation of TNK style music.

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Sangeetha Sivakumar, Nada Inbam

Sangeetha Sivakumar - R Hemalatha - Manoj Siva - N Guruprasad

Nada Inbam
5 Feb 2013, 6:15 pm
Dilip rememberance

vidulaku mrokkEdA - mAyA mALava gauLA (NS)
smaraNE sukhamu - janaranjani (RS)
ennEramum undan - dEvagAndhAri
endu dAgi nADO - tODi (RNST)
parulannamATa - kApininnu jUchi - punnAga varALi
yArukkAgilum bayamA - bEgaDa
pAsuram in kalyANi, suruTTi
vanga kaDal kaDaindha - suruTTi
nI nAma rUpamulaku

Really wonderful concert. Very brisk janaranjani and superb mAyAmALavagauLa. An awesome tODi. Absolutely out of the world tODi indeed.

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J B Sruthi Sagar, Nadopasana

J  B Sruthi Sagar - R Raghul - B Srivatsan

PS High School, Nadopasana
5 Feb 2013. 5 pm

Era nApai - tODi
sharaNu siddhi vinAyakA - saurAshtram (sketch)
garuDagamana - garuDadvani (RS)
manam irangAdhA - kIravANi (R)
cEta srI bAlakrishNam
vara lIla gAna lOla - shankarAbaraNam
cEDE buddhi mAnurA - aTANA (RNST)
tEvAram - nIlAmbari
marukkulAviya - pUrikalyANi

good concert. decent presentation of ragams and kritis.

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