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Monday, November 05, 2007

Kalpakam Swaminathan, chamber concert

Smt Kalpakam Swaminathan - vINai
Sri L Ramakrishnan - vINai support
Thanjavur Sri R Kumar - mrudangam

ks mami at chamber concert. 3nov07
picture courtesy: vijay sarma

rasikas chambers. residence of Jeyaraaj & Jaysri.
3rd October 2007. 5:30 pm

karuNimpa idi - sahANa (varNam) - Adi - Vina Kuppier
siddhi vinAyakam - cAmaram - rUpakam - MD (RS)
varashikhi vAhana - supradIpam - Adi - T (S)
Ananda naTana prakAsham - kEdAram - misra chApu - MD
shrI nIlOtpala nAyikE - nArI rItigauLa - rUpaka - MD(R)
shrI mAtah shiva vAmAnkE - bEgaDa - Adi - MD(R)
shrI satyanArAyaNam - shiva pantuvarALi - rUpaka - MD(R,tAnam)
vINAbhEri - AbhErI - Adi - MD
AbhayAmbA jagadambA - kalyANI - Adi - MD(R,tAnam,N,S)
shrI dum durgE - shrI ranjanI - khaNDa Eka - MD(R)
visvanAthEna - sAmanta - Adi - MD (R)
simhAsanasthitE - rAgamAlikA - rUpaka - MD (mangaLam)

Sitting in the small-balcony-garden of a flat in the 4th floor of a building on a busy road in mandaveli, one was treated to some divine music which is tough to explain by words. it is at such instances that one really is short of words to explain the feeling.

Each piece was presented with such precision and what a careful selection of pieces and ordering. It was an evening of blissful music. i m in tears even trying to write this post, such was the music.

The AlApanais of nArirItigauLa, bEgaDa, shiva pantuvarALi and its tAnam... well, mami was telling us in her own sweet way, that carnatic music, especially on vINai, has no parallels to it. It is a unique music of its own kind which cannot be matched.

Kalpakam mami began with sahAnA varNam. The cAmaram kriti was rendered with a nice AlApanai and a beautiful round of svarams. The supradIpam piece was presented neatly with a neater set of svarams. The kEdAram kriti was inspiring.

Next came the first detailed AlApanai of the day. Well, it was nArirItigauLA. The new flavour and feeling suddha dhaivatam brings into the rAgam which otherwise goes along the lines of the popular rItigauLa, was superb. The AlApanai and the kriti were presented creating a nice mood to listen. The bEgaDa AlApanai was done very well. After listening to a lec-dem on bEgaDa just about a week, this was like a true demonstration to what is bEgaDa. All the special prayOgams, the aprati madhyamam shown in its place, it was amazing. The kriti, another heavy weight, was presented beautifully.

shivapantuvarALi was the next in line. As mami was playing that soothing AlApanai, i was praying in the darkest corners of my mind for a tAnam. and it got answered. It was a beautifully presented tAnam and the kriti was rendered amazingly also.

It was the day of suddha dhaivatam probably. The beauty this particular svaram adds to a ragam was again illustrated in AbhEri.

After all this fair, the main kalyANi was a little surprising. However, her presentation of the rAgam, tAnam and the kriti with neraval and svarams was very nice and fitting for the main piece of the day.

The srI ranjani AlApanai was done beautifully. The kriti, a tad slower than the popular versions, was nice to listen. This concert wasn't going lighten at all. The sAmantA AlApanai and kriti were good.

Each kriti deserved better adjectives and more and more superlatives and none of them would actually be enough to describe the music. The sight of the old lady with her vINai on her lap, strumming it to produce divine music with utmost precision of the notes and their gamakkams and the azhuttam she produces, well, Music is definitely god given.

Sri Ramakrishnan provided very good support and played the vINai well. Sri Kumar on the mrudangam played in tune with what was presented thro' the concert. His tani was nice as well.

It was a concert where everything fell in place and 'kacchidam' is the only word i can say...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

mami was telling us in her own sweet way, that carnatic music, especially on vINai, has no parallels to it. It is a unique music of its own kind which cannot be matched.

Never heard (or heard of, in fact) cAmaram, supradIpam, nAri rItigauLa or sAmanta before! (How do you manage to identify all these rAgams?) Could the effect have been due to this, and almost every krti being MD's?

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry, the cAmaram krti is a popular one.

8:15 AM  
Blogger bharath said...

cAmaram is the name for shanmukhapriyA in dIkshitar sampradayam.

nArirItigauLa, is normal rItigauLA with suddha dhaivatham.

supradIpam and sAmanta are both quite rare indeed.

all the pieces were announced.

3:08 PM  

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