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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ranjani Hebbar, Nada Inbam

Ranjani Hebbar - Shertalai Sivakumar - B Ganapatiraman

Nada Inbam, Raga Sudha Hall
20 May 09. 6 pm

Era nApai - tODi - Adi - PSI
rAga sudhA rasa - AndhOLikA - Adi - T (short sketch, S)
shankari samkuru - sAvEri - tisra Adi - SS (RNS)
padavini sadbaktiyu - sALagabhairavi - Adi - T (S)
EtAvunarA - kalyANi - Adi - T (RNS)
sAntAkAram bhujagasayanam - slokam in bAgEsrI
sAgara sayana vibhO - bAgEsrI - Adi - MDR

It was a very impressive concert by the young and upcoming vocalist. She has a good voice and shows great energy and stage presence. Her kriti renditions are very weighty and has the right azhuttam. Her manOdarmam is quite matured and has very good flavour of the rAgams.

The svarams of AndhOLika reminded me of MLV at some parts. The AlApanais of both sAvEri and kalyANI were very elaborate and done in a very chaste fashion. They were both unorthodox in they were started and eventually built up, and yet had all essential and classical phrases carefully interwoven to make them colourful and enjoyable. The kriti renditions were very good. The neraval and svarams for all the pieces (as mentioned in the post) were done in a very matured fashion.

The violinst was good in parts. He gave some good replies to the main artist. His sAvEri AlApanai was a tad too short. The mrudangist was very good and played with very good anticipation. His accompanying for all kritis and each sangati was very matching. The tani was very nice also.

I had to leave after the bAgEsrI piece.

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