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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Thirukkarugavur G Srinivasa Raghavan, Music Club IIT Madras

Thirukkarugavur G Srinivasa Raghavan - Usha Rajagopalan - Trichur C Narendran - S Ganesan

Music Club IIT Madras, CLT
7 April 09. 6:45 pm

ranjitamu kala - simmEndra madhyamam - Adi - Katsanam Srinivasa Avadhani [varNam] (short sketch)
vandEnisamaham - hamsadvani - Adi - MV (S)
ElA nI daya rAdu - aTANA - Adi - T
sivAnanda kAmavardani - kAmavardani - misra cApu - GNB (RNS)
bhuvinidAsuDanE - srI ranjani - Adi - T (S)
angArakam AsharayAmyaham - suruTTi - rUpakam - MD (R)
singAravElavan vandAn - Ananda bhairavi - Adi
tanayuni brOva - bhairavi - Adi - T (RNS)
paripAlincuvani - suddha sAvEri - kaNDa cApu - Thiruvisanallur Venkataramana Bhagavatar
siru viral naRRaDavi parimAra - kEdAragauLa, mOhanam, hindOLam, nIlAmbari - Azhvar pasuram
mAdhava mAmava dEvA - nIlAmbari - Adi - NT
nERRandi nEratilE - husEni - rUpakam - Subbaramayyar [tamil padam]
sAramaina mATalendu - bEhAg - rUpakam - ST
agaramum Agi - suddha sAvEri - Thiruppugazh
nI nAma rUpamulaku - saurAshTram - Adi - T
srI rAmacandra srutapArijAta - slOkam in madhyamAvati

It is a story on how we got to have this concert arranged in the first place. During our discussions on whom to be featured for the concert, we were going through the musicians' directory and the President of Music Club, Prof. Narendran was pleasantly surprised to spot some of the names, which he said were those of people who were regular in concert circuits once upon a time, in the afternoon slots but have not been seen in chennai for a long time. Some of them were current contacts and some of them old. We got to finding whereabouts of some of them and eventually with the help of a fellow member at www.rasikas.org got the contacts of Sri Srinivasa Raghavan and asked him for a concert. He readily accepted and it was indeed an wonderful concert that he presented at our club.

Starting with a short sketch of simmEndra madyamam, one was clueless what was coming up. The rare varNam, a composition in praise of Saint Thyagaraja was beautiful. It made a very good start and it was followed up with a peppy hamsadvani piece, with a quick round of svarams. aTANA piece was rendered with all usual sangatis rendered in a very impressive fashion.

The first AlApanai for the evening, kAmavardani was rendered in a traditional fashion and the kriti, a GNB composition and a rare species on concerts these days, was taken up and treated elaborately with a detailed round of neraval and svarams.

The srI ranjani piece was rendered with a nice round of svarams. The AlApanai of suruTTi was very moving and made the perfect prelude to the vAra kriti that was rendered.

With the quick Ananda bhairavi piece, the main course bhairavi was sung in a very orthodox fashion with a lot of old school phrases beautifully woven together and making an elaborate, classical and weighty AlApanai. The kriti which followed was rendered very well with elaborate round of neraval and svarams. The rAgamAlikA pAsuram and the husEni tamil padam were all rendered well.

The whole concert was a very traditional affair and the music of yesteryears was effortlessly rendered with absolute bhavam and with vigour. Each kriti was rendered with a lot of azhuttam and with sangatis perfectly matched. The AlApanais were very classy and with a lot of vintage phrases carefully incorporated into them. The neraval and svarams were measured and fitting to the pieces that were rendered.

The accompanists lived upto the occasion and gave a thoroughly wholesome support to the main artist in all their parts totally making the concert very enjoyable. The violinst was perfectly matching the phrases that were sung. Her replies were very apt and totally in place. The mridangist followed the songs with great anticipation. His accompanying for the neraval svarams were also very nice. The tani was very enjoyable too.

It only leaves me to wonder, why have we forgotten such musicians...

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Eager to here the audio also.

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