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Thursday, January 19, 2006


Today is pushya bagula panchami. The panchami which comes after the full moon in thai month.

This is the holy day when tyAgarAja svAmi attained samadhi on the banks of kAvEri river in tiruvaiyAru.


This year, the 159th Aradhanai of the saint composer is being celebrated. The history behind these celebrations and the feud which have happened the past over the same will run into volumes and is very well known.

Today, it is organised by one body, but in absolute chaos. There is no order in the way people come and perform or in the way arrangements are made. When one sees the utsavam on the TV, one is more tempted to just shut the idiot box than to listen to what is being made into a cacophony.

The composer has done a lot of service to the mankind thro' his rama bhakthi and the treasure of kritis that he has composed. Many of them have been tampered now to suit thy ear. The ones which are in original form are not given the true merit.

I pray to Saint tyAgaraja and to Sri Rama for showering blessings to one and all. Nothing else, but these blessings can bring some sanity into the Aradhanai Celebrations.

This is my 100th post on this blog.


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