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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lakshmi Sriram, Astika Samajam Venus Colony

Lakshmi Sriram - K P Nandini - N C Bharadwaj

Astika Samajam, Venus Colony, Alwarpet
8 April 09. 5 pm

vakratuNDa - slOkam in mAyAmALavagauLa
dEva dEva - mAyAmALavagauLa - rUpakam - ST (S)
rA rA mA inTi - asAvEri - Adi - T
srI lakshmi varAham - AbhOgi - Adi - MD (RS)
sAmikki sari evarE - kEdAragauLa - misra cApu - PD (short sketch)
niravati sukhadA - ravicandrikA - Adi - T
ninnE nammitinayyA - simmEndra madhyamam - misra cApu - MV (RNST)
sApasyat kausalyA - jaunpuri - Adi
mAyanai maNNu - srI rAgam - Adi - ANDAL Thiruppavai
Ayi mOhE lAgO - yaman - Mira Bhajan

It was a very good concert. Smt. Sriram gave a very enjoyable and good concert. The kriti renditions were very heavy. Be it fast or slow paced kritis, the perfection in the rendition of each phrase was particularly catchy and made it a very good recital. The rAga AlApanais were very good. They were examples of unconventionally approached, yet traditionally fitting and inspiring elaborations of the rAgam. The svarams and neraval were all very well structured and fitting to the kriti. I was particularly happy to listen to AbhOgi with srI lakshmi varAham, taken up for submain and being given elaborate treatment. The kEdAragauLa piece was very moving. The main simmEndra madhyamam was very good as well. The violinst was good in her replies. The mridangist played very well and perfectly accompanied the songs and the manodarma parts. His tani was very good as well.

Being an accomplished Hindustani and Carnatic vocalist of a good standing, Smt. Sriram clearly draws the line and one can see her perfectly adhering to the system of music with almost no influence from the other, whenever she gives a recital. I have heard her sing concerts of Hindustani music before and after this concert as well, i m left to wonder how she manages to keep both at such a high level and yet clearly keeps them away from each other. Kudos to her for doing that.

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Blogger mindspace said...


Just moved to chennai.. would you know of a good hindustani classical music teacher near adyar?

Thanks in advance


10:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can u please let me know if u know any good hindustani teacher in Chennai?


11:46 PM  

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