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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ritha Rajan, Nada Inbam

Ritha Rajan - R K Shriram Kumar - K Arun Prakash

Nada Inbam
30 Aug 2010. 6 pm

sAmi nI pai - Anandabhairavi - aTa - VK (short sketch) [varNam]
rAmA nI pai - kEdAram - Adi - T (short sketch S)
kAntimati - kalyANi - rUpakam - Subbarama Dikshitar (R)
idhE bhAgyamu - kannaDa - misra cApu - T (RS)
sArasAlanu ipuDu - kApi - rUpakam - TQ (short sketch) [svarajati]
nI pAdamulE gatiyani - bhairavi - Adi - PSI (RNS)
koNTE gADu - suruTTi - tisra tripuTa - K
marubAri - senjuruTTi - rUpakam - DS
rAkA chandra samAna kAnti vadanAm - slOkam from mUka panchasati - aTANA, nAyaki, sahAnA, yadukula kAmbhOji
kAraNamadAga vandu - sindhu bhairavi - kaNDa tripuTa - A [tiruppugazh]
nI nAma rUpamulaku - saurAshTram - Adi - T

It was a wonderful concert. From the beginning it was very enjoyable and each piece was rendered with a lot of passion and feeling. There was a prevailing sense of leisure through the concert. The vishrAnti and saukyam that went hand-in-hand with each phrase made it a very memorable concert.

The opening with a grand varNam set stage for the evening. The kEdAram piece was rendered in a gripping fashion with a fantastic round of karpanai svarams.

The first elaboration of the evening kalyANi, on request from this writer, came as a very enjoyable and educative number. The ideas and phrases presented very classical and heavy and the kriti that followed was also rendered with a bhavam and one liked it a lot.

The submain of the evening was an elaborate kannaDa, with a rare number. The AlApanai was fantastic exposing otherwise unknown facets of the rAgam and gave a very detailed and classical painting of the rAgam. The kriti was rendered with a lot of bhavam and the svarams that followed were much enjoyable.

The (karnATaka)kApi svarajati that came next, was rendered in a very captivating fashion in a slow tempo and it was a very moving rendition.

With such a buildup came the majestic grand main course of bhairavi. The AlApanai was absorbing and elaborate with all the classical phrases. The kriti was rendered wonderfully with very fitting neraval and svarams that were extraordinarily gripping the rasikas.

However, the grand finale came with the suruTTi padam. Gosh, what a rendition it was. Just too good and brought tears tooo. The jAvaLi that followed was very good. The slOkam was also very grippping and classically rendered in heavy rAgams with a lot of bhavam and vigour.

Smt. Ritha provided a very deeply classical and gripping recital.

The accompanists were both excellent. The violinst was perfect in playing along for each of the songs. All the replies during manOdarma parts were perfectly matching. The mrudangist played with utmost anticipation and in tandem with the music. The way both the accompanists could see what was coming next and playing just the right thing was pretty astounding and it all gelled perfectly together.

A very classical and wonderful concert to remember for a long time.

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