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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Aswath Narayanan, MFAC

Aswath Narayanan - Kamalakiran Vinjamuri -Sumesh Narayanan - Sai Subramanian

1 Jan 2019, 2 pm

sObillu saptaswara - jaganmOhini - rUpakam - T
ambaramE tannIrE - kalyANi - ANDAL (NS)
mundu vEnuka iru - darbAr - Adi - T (R)
viDajAladurA - janaranjani - Adi - T (S)
brOcEvArevarurA - khamAs - Adi - MV (RNST)
varugalAmO - mAnji - cApu - GKB
srI rAma krupAla bhajamana - yamunA kalyANi
tillAnA - senjuruTTi

A nice concert from the star youngster. The neraval and svarams rendered in kalyANi were elaborate and showed good skills from the team. It was good. The AlApanai of darbAr was done well. It was developed showing the rAga nuances and was in a pace that would befit the kriti that was to follow. The rendition of mundu vEnuka iru was very touching. The next was an ultra-fast rendition of viDajAladura. It was so fast that there were times when syllables had to missed in a breath or came less audible. The svarams were equally fast. It leaves one wondering if this pace was necessary. A little more space could have not harmed anything.

The main AlApanai of khamAs was very elaborate and done in a very good manner. The kriti rendition and the neraval and svarams were all good. The rendition of the mAnji piece was slow and showed nuances that the composition intends to highlight. 

It was a good concert. The vocalist did a good job in planning and presentation. The music was good too. He has indeed put in a lot of hard work to become the star he is and definitely shows promise to shine much brighter with efforts in the right direction. The violinst was a matching and indeed a shade better in some replies he gave. Another youngster to watch for. The percussion department was very well handled by the mrudangam and morsing duo. It was a very neat accompanying all through the concert and a nice tani also.

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