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Monday, December 17, 2018

Suguna Varadachari, Nada Inbam

Suguna Varadachari - RK Shriram Kumar - K Arun Prakash - Anirudh Athreya

8 Dec 2018. 6:15 pm
Nada Inbam. Raga Sudha Hall

sudati ninnE kOri - kalyANi - aTa - Ponnaiah Pillai
yukatmu gAdu - srI (S)
a few verses from lalitA sahasranama in lalitA
nannu brOvu lalitA - lalitA (NS)
daNDAyudapANim - Ananda bhairavi (R)
kaDaikkaN pArvai - khamAs
Emi nEramu - shankarAbaraNam (RNST)

It was a very vibrant concert from the start. A concert from a veteran musician was always going to be special. Some people are so good in what they do that even what they consider as normal would produce phenomenal results and give wonderful products. Artists like Smt. Suguna was are so well versed with what they do and whatever they sing ought to be brilliant. They would probably not need any special efforts to embellish their music, since it is all present already. That said here is not to comment about the preparation or capability of the artist, but, it is only to mention this writer's view of the music and to only try and portray the concert in some words. How much ever written would be rather insufficient though.

That said, this concert started off with an I-have-not-heard-off-varNam in kalyANi, set to aTa tALam. This was a grand varNam rendered with a lot of gait and it was wonderful to have such pieces presented during a concert. While familiar numbers are always enjoyed, new pieces are always welcome. Restricting to known items is a way to build a cocoon. This is never going to let one see the world. The one-avartana svarams in srI ragam, were very well planned and the sancaras where built well. The singing of a few slOkas from lalitA sahasranama in the same rAga was novel and was done in a emotive manner. The song was great. The neraval at the anupallavi line was rather special. It was very elaborate and showed all the ways of handling neraval and the ragam. The swarams were superb too. The Anandabhairavi AlApanai was awesomeness. Showcasing the rAgam in all this nuances. The main AlApanai of shankarAbaraNam was majestic. An awesomely racy exploration of the rAgam was presented. This was tooo good. An apt crown for the steps traversed with the previously presented items.

The accompanists of the day were wonderful. Their playing was apt. The team's presentation was enchanting. The lalitA neraval was a take-home-lesson. One wanted to not listen to any music for a few days just to soak-in all that had to be absorded. Though this is written after 8 days, the memory of the concert and each of the phrases is so fresh. Such was the music. May one be blessed to listen to such music as much possible.

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