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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Adithya Narayanan, Narada Gana Sabha

Adithya Narayanan - Sai Rakshit - Akshay Ram

23 Dec 2018. 12:15 pm
Narada Gana Sabha, Mini hall

sItApatE nA mansunA - khamAs (sketch, NS)
akhilANDEsvari - dvijAvanti (RS)
mIna lOchana brOva - danyAsi (RNST)

A spirited concert by this young man. He started off with a brisk sketch of khamAs. Sang the kriti well with an elaborate round of neraval svarams. Interesting patterns were used. The AlApanai of dvijAvanti was a good presentation. The svarams were good too. The AlApanai of danyAsi was intricate. Brought in all the essential sangatis and showed promise. Kriti renditon was nice too.

The vocalist showed shades of his guru all throughout. It was evident from the singing and the mannerisms. This syndrome should be grown out. Kriti choices were good and the renditions were with a punch. All sangatis were rendered in a nice manner. The violinst was good and provided apt responses. He was a shade better in some places. The mrudangist was very good too.

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