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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sangeetha Sivakumar, Music Club IIT Madras

Sangeetha Sivakumar - VVS Murari - Manoj Siva

Music Club IIT Madras
Dilip memory concert
6 Feb 2010. 7 pm

chalamEla - nATTAikuranji - Adi - Rangaswamy Nattuvanar
vallabha nAyakasya - bEgaDa - rUpakam - MD (S)
nijamarmamula - umAbaraNam - Adi - T
dalachina vAru - danyAsi - Adi - Subbaraya Sastri (R)
rAmA ika nannu - sahAnA - rUpakam - PSI (RS)
ninnuvinA - pUrikalyANi - cApu - SS (RNST)
aDiyokka - kAmbhOji - tisra tripuTa - K (short sketch)
smarasundarAnguni - paras - Adi - DS
vanga kaDal - suruTTi - ANDAL
nI nAma rupamulaku - saurAshTram - Adi - T

An awesome concert. The grand rendition of the varnam in 2 kAlams with the svara sAhityams set-up the mood for a wonderful concert. The bEgaDa kriti was rendered soulfully and with a fitting round of svarams, with a quick umAbaraNam to follow.

The AlApanai of danyAsi was scintillating. The rAga bhAvam was fully intact and shown in great detail. The kriti was rendered wonderfully in a very emotive and meditative fashion. With a soulful and bhAvA laden sahAnA to follow, it was a wonderful to hear the kriti and a round of svarams.

The main course, pUrvikalyANi was so elating and grand. The phrases flowed all over the rasikas and created a certain kind of aura that is rare and few and far apart. The kriti was rendered in a fitting fashion, with a gripping round of neraval and svarams. It was very different and nice to listen to kIzhkAla svarams after the kIzhkAla neraval and the mEl kAlam to come later.

As if all this wasnt enough came the kAmbhOji. As the artists started to humm, one was in mood for a pallavi. The night was still young. However, the grand padam came as a surprise and was rendered in a soulstirring fashion. The paras jAvaLi and suruTTi thiruppAvai eventually led to the inevitable, end of a concert.

The vocalist was in great form and presented everything with a lot of grip and leisure, that added a lot to the overall listening pleasure of the concert. The choices were very classical and so was the presentation. The accompanists were wonderful.

The violinst was great in accompanying and in giving fitting responses. His solo versions of the rAgam and the svarams were all wonderful. The mrudangist played with great anticipation and with a lot of embellishments that made the concert totally much more enjoyable. His tani was nice as well.

A great concert indeed.

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