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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rudrapatnam Brothers, Saraswathi Vaggeyakkara Trust

Rudrapatnam Brothers - Charulatha Ramanujam - R Ramesh - KV Gopalakrishnan

Saraswathi Vaggeyakkara Trust, Trinity Jayanthi Festival
NGS mini
24 March 2011. 6:30 pm

paramAtmuDu - vAgadIswari - Adi - T (short sketch)
enta bhAgyamu - sArangA - Adi - T (S)
tyAgarAjAya namastE - bEgaDa - rUpakam - MD (RNS)
eTi yOcanAlu - kiraNAvaLi - Adi - T (S)
ninnE nammi nAnu - tODi - misra cApu - SS (RNS)
srI kamalAmbikE - shrI - kANDa Ekam - MD

It was a very offbeat and impressive start with vAgadIsvari. The short sketch by Sri Thyagarajan was perfect for the opening piece which was very well rendered. A energetic rendition of the sArangA piece was appropriately followed by an elaborate round of svarams.

Sri Taranathan's bEgaDa AlApanai was very elaborate and filled with all the essential and classical and much enjoyable phrases. It was a very heartening affair. The kriti was rendered with all its grandeur with a quick round of neraval and svarams at 'vAgIsAdyakila dEva vandita pada pankajAya'

The rendition of the kiraNAvaLi song was racy and the elaborate round of svarams that followed were very educative about the rare ragam.

The main tODi was absolutely fantastice. The AlApanai by Sri Thyagarajan was totally enjoyable and elaborate. The phrases were all totally classical and was indicative of the kriti that was coming up. The song was rendered very well with an elaborate round of neraval and svarams at 'kAmAkshi kanchadaLAyadAkshi'.

The vocalists gave a absolutely mind-filling concert with absolutely classical music. The violinst was very supportive and gave very classical replies to the main artist. Her versions of the rAgams and the neraval and svarams were all great too.

The percussion department was very well handled by Sri Ramesh who played for the song and for each sangati. He was ably supported by Sri Gopalakrishnan. The tani they shared was very interesting and enjoyable.

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