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Monday, November 26, 2012

Seshampatti Sivalingam & BVB inauguration

My season began on 21 Nov 2012. The first day of the first festival of this season. As usual, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan have began their annual festival.

21 Nov 2012. 5 pm. I entered a few minutes late as Seshampatti Sri T Sivalingam was playing gajavadana (sriranjani - Papanasam Sivan). The kriti was presented so well with a refreshing round of kalpanai svarams. Next was a neat elaboration of jayanta srI, marugElarA to follow. The main AlApanai of kalyANi was awesome. The phrases were interestingly woven together with a blend of traditional heavy phrases and classical-and-yet-innovative phrases. After the main were a kApi jAvaLi, rEvati tillAnA, oruti maganAi and tiruppugazh. The just-about-an-hour concert got over with kAtrinilE varum gItam.

It was a wonderful presentation and one enjoyed thoroughly. It was unfortunate that most nAdasvara recitals are given the 'mangala isai' stamp and cut short. Wish organisers have full-length nadasvara concerts as a integral part of their concerts. Why not have a full 'mangala isai' concert? Especially when there are so many deserving artists.

Thats not all. As the second half of the concert was unfolding, there was continous train of people coming to catch their seats, so as to not miss the inauguration function and the concert that was to follow. Most of them, disturbing the listener and the performer together. Thats not all, the invited guests of honour and dignitaries were coming in as well. While, it is nice of them to come early and attend the concert before it would be very helpful if they come-in without much extravaganza. Though the guests themselves may not demand so much, the organisers create a bubble of volunteers and photographers and videographers around each guest as they walk in. And they dont stop even after the guests take their seats. Much of these photo-flashes and people-walking diverting the attention of the artist and the listener. Especially with some high-profile chief guests the disturbances are way too many to tolerate.

This writer found it too disturbing to be there, for the treatment given to the artist on stage. One just quietly slipped out of the auditorium as the curtains drew, and before the inauguration ceremony could begin.

I dont know if I am the only one who has problems with all this and/or if it is worth making noise either. Still, I think I should file my thoughts on the issue...

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